New Hagenstedt v 1.0 FINAL


– Without decaying / withering
– Reduces footprint of the farm
– Hen gates, silos, shelters, garages, and sheds removed and replaced with new objects
– Fenced yard shot
– Sliding Doors Installed (before sliding Hofsilo offset)
– Modified crop in the yard and warehouse equipped with conveyor belts
– Moved cow pasture and pasture for sheep farm
– Chickens in the yard free running
– Food storage in the cow pasture Installed
– Liquid manure and manure plate v1 in the cow pasture Installed
– Wool range is outside the hut in the sheep pasture (parking was not made ​​visible bahr)
– Gändert fields in lawns
– Pig in the dairy Installed
– Installed sugar refinery near the train station
– Butcher opposite the land trade Installed
– Installed new BGA (allows economical working, it was installed a manure pit for storage)
– Removed and replaced free shelters Duch lawn
– Installed Watermod cow for cows, chickens and sharpness
– Advertising Signs Installed
– Local Childer Installed
– Start Cars Modified
– Listed prices and sales outlets (port, railway station, country store and restaurant)
– Adapted PDA
– Adapted Rasentestur
– Moved Heuverkauf in the first big hall, where you can now: grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow chaff silage silo are sold
– Increases starting with corn field and Beplanzt
– Milk must be moved away himself, the milk truck was removed
– The problem with the Heuplane in the cowshed was Fixed

Author: Kai Lemanski


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