New Hagenstedt v 1.0

New-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-1 New-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-2 New-Hagenstedt-v-1.0-3

– New Hagenstedt has got new location for the farm with bigger fields and cows sheep pigs cattle chickens
– New building are the Budweiser brewery
– Slaughter house to sell your cattle and pigs
– Farm is in the old Hagenstedt mill location with bale too manure mod build into the farm as well as the chickens
– Sheep location is the same but with space for breeding also includes a BGA area behind the sheep field
– Cow field got the biggest upgrade as there is a bigger cow shed and storage with space for breeding
– Other stuff on map are the bakery, fermenting silos, forest mod building storage for all grain liquid manure sell point at the port, land handle building near the sheep where you can buy stuff as well as sell, wool pallet collector
– Grain deposits on map in several loactions, vehicles to complete production included

Authors: marthu, peter, chris mark, blacky, giants


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  1. daker says:

    field number 28 cant be bought because the is no buy button floating in the field

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