Ne Iowa Map

Ne-Iowa-Map-1 Ne-Iowa-Map-2

Here it is, the Ne Iowa Map, this map is an edit of the oldiscleave map, redesigned the layout to make it look more unique to the far Ne corner of Iowa, this map features a dairy farm, smaller Ne Iowan farm, and grandpas farm which is unoperational, you will start off with wheat, corn and rape, you are also able to store and plant canola, left one field in grass near the sheep pasture for your choice of use, let you guys explore the map further on your own, the grainery is in the far south end of the map, you must drive through grandpas farm to get there, there is a pond near the back field by grandpas farm, there is also a trail for you guys to find and drive your gators or four wheelers on.

Authors: farmermark96, global mod team, skoomalegend, raptor5, sean6920s, johndeere1952, sandgroper, farmermark96, milpol, GIANTS, frasercow, kaosknite, ThompsonM06, Feterlj, Seriousmods


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