My Litle Country v 1.0 B


– Mist Mod was included
– Map Silo Band was involved: pig manure and cow dung for food storage
– On the farm is now a Large silo and the two little were removed
– All unloading were renewed and mistaken growing with tarpaulin
– Wool Pallete Colector was built and placed a little lower so you can better absorb the pallets with a fork
– Sugar beet factory to Funky Style
– When the spinning was also some Embellished
– When Back Facktory an egg collection point is added
– Street now has a gravel border and were now freed from grass residues
– New tank triggers are involved
– New dirt roads were made and the old nt. revised
– Corn texture was revised and corrected in the i3d
– PDA has been Updated

Author: @Funky


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