MV On the Baltic Sea v 1.0

On-the-Baltic-Sea-v-1.0-1 On-the-Baltic-Sea-v-1.0-2 On-the-Baltic-Sea-v-1.0-3

– The terrain on the map is as far removed
– In principle missing something feituning as the set of triggers or small field adjustments a few Stellen
– The map is built in the MV style
– It reflects the northwest Mecklenburg again and is right on the Baltic Sea
– There is a beautiful estate in bulk Walmstorf, a former old Lpg, a slowly decaying small farm and a new biogas plant on the map
– There is a large sea beach with camping, some large and small villages, a country store a lot of arable land and grassland and many water holes, power poles
– There are several ways small fields and large fields
– The landscape is quite hilly and is well suited for medium to large engineering

Authors: Fendtfahrää, Lasse824, Gulaschgesicht


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