Multicarowo Map v 2.0


The movement of people, cars, car from milk, buying half, pulled up closer to the field of roads, narrow roads, off the withering of plants, many small and medium sized fields with easy connection to the larger pieces, cows, chickens, sheep ( added flocks ) pigs (moved the Polish barn, converted into a pigsty ) , purchase of crops, machines and other shop in town (it was tuned ) additional crops and silage ( wheat and barley silage can in stock) several new buildings , one farm , fairly modern , but also including older elements , a small village , mixing feed (hay , straw , silage ) , manure mod v2 , v3 mod water , a lot of garages have improved the envelope maps, map spacious. If the map at night will cut the need to remove the lamp after ignition of August on my high light settings

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