Multi Sprayer Herbicides Mod v 2.0


The Weed mod adds weed control added as a new task to the game and no longer is it simply fertilizing the same. To make this work must be equipped with the appropriate weed the map. So sample map, this is the MIG Celle from version v 0.89. Installation in other maps is expressly permits, the necessary files are in the mod

Operation: syringes can be switched on fertilizer trigger between liquid fertilizer and herbicide. So you decide what you load on the trigger. Sprayed with herbicide to accrued weed now it goes into a withered state grows with time but after. If you let the weeds grow out completely and injects it only then it goes into a further withered state that can be deleted only by threshing, tillage or direct seeding
Weeds except by herbicide doses also by threshing, tillage ( cultivators / plowing) and direct reset. If larger weeds present during threshing does it manifest itself in a difficulty degree dependent reduction in yield. The more thorough tillage, the longer it takes the weeds around aground again (plowing > cultivators > no-till ). (For details see extra point )
Mechanical weed control : Using a combination of deep tillage ( plowing), a subsequent emergence leave the remaining of the weed seeds up to the second growth stage and a further tillage ( cultivators ) can suppress weed growth was also successful until the next harvest

Authors: bullgore, upsidedown, eribus


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  1. Jeremy says:


    Looking forward to using this mod, just curious though, do you have to add the extra files into your map folder so that the weeds take effect? The mod shows up under my mods but wasn’t sure on the install part. Thank you for the help.

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