Mr. Hausen v 2.0 MR Forest Edition

Mr.-Hausen-v-2.0-MR-Forest-Edition-1 Mr.-Hausen-v-2.0-MR-Forest-Edition-2 Mr.-Hausen-v-2.0-MR-Forest-Edition-3

– Collis of fir trees at key locations away
– Fields 14, 15, 16 includes one of a start
– Added traffic
– Corrected pedestrian spline
– Conveyor purchasable for root crops
– Added at the farm feed store
– Added Water Mod
– Added water trigger purchasable on the farm
– Added shelter at the BGA purchasable
– Fixed problems with shadow
– Adapted swaths
– Textures optimized a performance improvement
– Exchanged water planning
– Prepared area for the Forstmod
– Added details
– Buyable Objects partially changed and added

Authors: Giants, Niggels, Eifok, Eribus, ZeFir_POLAND, atze1978, grafik-edv, pfreek, ModInc, Vertexdezign, wingi, FreddyK, Bandit, Baue3rR, Bluebaby210, Desperados93, JauchenPaule, GE-Mapping, mailman, FSmodding, NKB-Modding


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