More Realistic Game Engine v 1.3.16


New in this version:
– Compatible with FS2013 patch 2.1 (require this patch to work)
– Masses on the wheels are not computed from spring extension anymore. We are getting the value directly from the nvidia physx engine. (more accurate and more reliable)
– Added spanish translation
– Fixed some bugs and make the “mr engine” more suitable for “manual gear box” transmission
– Changed the “name” of the “mr engine” in the “moddesc.xml” to “AAA MoreRealistic game engine” so that the “mr engine” is always the first mod to be loaded when playing in multiplayer
– MR V 1.3 supports Giants patch 2.0 again (retro compatibility)
– Support “gsVehicleReloadFromXML” console command
– All vehicles i3d files converted to new format with “shape” files
– All “wheeled” vehicles fixed to comply Giants patch 2.1 new spring settings
– Mixer wagon (Kuhn profile and confort) mixing power consumption decreased
– Deutz TTV7250EX is now more powerful (and more thirsty)
– Horsch Express 3TD fixed (not “realMassWanted” set => it was far too light)
– Poettinger Eurohit 130A => less “jerky”

Authors: Giants, Dural


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