Monchwinkel v 2.0


– Conveyor belts added to the feed stores, the new straws can be stored in the standard straw
– Pork and beef production on the farm
– 2 mixing stations on the farm
– New silo on the farm (only wheat, barley, corn and rapeseed storage, the additional fruits can be stored on the LPGEN)
– New farm buildings
– More angle settings for the helper
– Wool Pallet Collector
– Water bodies on the PDA Map marked / labeled outlets on the PDA Map
– Performance is significantly improved compared to the previous version
– Collision from the hedge in box 10
– Added manure and Mista purchase at the nursery
– Added more trees
– Smaller side streets
– Moved silos in the cow pasture
– Added reset point in the cow pasture
– Footprint of LPGEN now free to place (the walls are still without Collis)

Authors: Silenceko, Marhu, UnixRoot, Land-EI, Bummi, Stonebracker, Eribus, Fatian, KIK, HatzFan (TMT Team), ekkehard, Mach1–Andy, Harrybo, Katsuo


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