Missouri USA Map FINAL

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This map has the following fruits: Stock Fruits + Corn, Oat, Soybean, Sunflower, corn_windrow, oat_windrow, Sorghum, Cotton, cotton_windrow, Rice, Blackeye Pea, Peanut, Millet, Voll – Mixing Tank, Silo Leer, Alfalfa, Alfalfa_windrow
Before harvesting fields you must spray them with fertilizer to kill all the nasty green weeds, thus yeilding a higher yeild. You can get your seed and fertilizer across from the dairy barn under the shed or at other refill locations across the map. You have the Suk-Up Bin system ready to go to house all your cut crops till market demands are up, Conveinetly located at the main farm entrance. The Dealership has a state of the art service center including a second story storage room with working vehicle lift. Theres an old muddy road near the farm split between fields you must be careful about when driving over or you will break ye axle. Plenty of Silage work to be done and to house your fermenting silage is an open pile area beside the dairy barn/cow farm and the back road. chickens and sheep are by the cow area as well. bale storage/sale is in the main farm yard. Ace hardware for your various needs Horse farm Miles of road for driving be prepared

Authors: jb3pc4sale, Slopoke7166, KJ981300 and others


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  1. Dragon says:

    How can I contact the modder of this map ?

  2. Jeremy says:

    After you pick the cotton what do you do with the windrowed cotton? Is there a certain bailer to pick it up? Thanks

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