MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.88.1 BETA

MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88.1-BETA-1 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88.1-BETA-2 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88.1-BETA-3

Changelog v 0.88.1 BETA:
– Repaired Rinderstall Goals
– Hemp changed texture
– Kalk stock installed at Ball Hall
– Repaired Zuhammer station Farm 1 cow and pig
– Revised hay and grass swath texture
– Multifruit.zip revised the plume can be discharged in the silo also with Trailer GPS
– Sales stations PDA new sort
– Pigs Cattle fattening current script status Feb.2014

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Tessmann85 FSM, Flymaster


3 Responses to MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.88.1 BETA

  1. Claus nissen says:

    Hi my game on this track is just and download the’re not really any ways, what can the problem was???

  2. ruan says:

    hi this map does not work. when you select it the game loads the map but there is no map loading sign and the map never loads.

    So is there a way for you to fix it or is the map broken

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