Massey Ferguson 7499 v 1.0


– Motor: AGCO Sisu Power 7.4L 6-cyl
– 220 HP
– Dyna VT transmission
– Zuidberg frontheffing
– Twinwheels
– Crawlers (aslo small)
– Care Wheels
– Fold Front heffing
– Move Back Attacher joint
– Add Twin wheels
– Care wheels on/off (Wheels must be activated)
– Crawlers on/off
– Small crawlers on/off (Crawlers must be activated)
– Add wheel weights
– Prize: 125000


Original model and Textures: Solanz
Convertion to FS 2013: JelleMF
New ingaming: JelleMF
Edit to (7480 to) 7499: JelleMF


One Response to Massey Ferguson 7499 v 1.0

  1. Johan says:

    How to fix crash?

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