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Marshfield Estate is a map based around a fictitious location. The estate has 3 large farms with plenty of storage space and functions. 1 farm is made for arable purposes, the second farm is made for Pig purposes and the final farm offers a selection of different livestock. Sheep, Cow and chickens.
All the storage facilities are for use with tip anywhere apart from the silage pits, this is to give you the opportunity to select where you tip your grains.
The estate has 107 fields, this sounds a lot but it gives you the opportunity to expand your estate to a good level. The fields vary in size there is no huge fields but there is enough to keep you busy. You start off with no fields and you have to take out a small loan to buy some land this gives you something to work off.
The location the estate is set offers plenty of selling places. There is a new BGA plant which has opened and is happy to take old silage and left over hay that is not normally saleable. There is a small micro-brewery that likes to take top quality Barley to put into the beer they produce. There is a farm that takes feed grains like barley and wheat to sell on, they are not as fussy as the main mill. The mill complex likes the best grains such as wheat and maize and OSR which has been stored with the correct moisture contents. There is also a vegetable plant that likes to purchase large quantities of potatoes and Sugar beet to sell to supermarkets. Milk is sold manually using a milk trailer for your tractor and then goes to Arla and is made into various dairy products.
Frank Sutton is your local dealer but he has not had chance to change the Previous Krone sign to John Deere.
The Auctioneers offers Seeds and fertiliser at a good price and will purchase pigs and wool and straw out of trailers to be sold in the auction hall.
Timed Gates at sell places: open times = 6:00am – 12:00pm then 13:00pm – 18:00pm
Slurry and manure Mod
Map Hose ref Point
All fields owned
Some hills are steep be warned more power may be needed
Multi farm ready
Course play can be used for selling
Lots of trees and varying terrain heights some fields are very steep be warned

Authors: Chief86, Marhu, MorphX, fruktor, TMT, Sandgroper, NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh, Germany Community Group, martinbigM500


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