LS Next Generation v 1.0

LS-Next-Generation-v-1.0-1 LS-Next-Generation-v-1.0-2 LS-Next-Generation-v-1.0-3

– Village
– 2 biogas areas, you need to buy this
– Tankstation Shell
– Farm
– Cowzone
– Sheep zone
– A shop to sell eggs and wool
– Vechicle shop
– Gardencenter
– Horse riding center with functions and chickens. you can find the eggs behind the house
– At the horse center you can also store your fruits
– Second place for storing your fruits and bales
– Countrytrade
– A area for placing greenhouses, on the area there is a water basin and manure stock
– You can load manure at the cows and storage it on 3 different areas
– At the greenhouses, the farm, and by the sheeps so you have manure on different ares

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