Lomersheim v 1.0


– 24 major and minor fields
– An average working BGA ( BGA bunker has a container capacity of 15000 l )
– Straw bale choppers
– 2 yards ( two silos with a central courtyard)
– Manure mod installed , coupled both at court and at the biogas plant
– Dealer
– Reset points in the central courtyard
– Built breeding facility from the beginning ( sheep and poultry breeding )
– Working speed cameras and traffic lights
– Drive traffic , pedestrians, milk truck and run around
– Halls installed with Map door triggern
– Sheep point of sale next to the dealer
– Gardening with seed against the dealer
– Grain storage at the BGA close
– Many meadows (2 large pastures )
– Small lake near the mill where water for greenhouses
– Unloading of a train station, a mill ( opposite the station ), country store and a brewery in the village

Authors: friedli88, Marcel G.


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