Location Samara-Volga v 2.0

Location-Samara-Volga-v-2.0-1 Location-Samara-Volga-v-2.0-2 Location-Samara-Volga-v-2.0-3

The map is made on the platform of 2048×2048. Map expanded in two directions. As in the first version of the standard culture, plus sunflower, soybean, radish, carrot. Additional mission: transportation of sand, gravel, cement mortar. On the map there is a water to water the cattle. Milk pickup. On the map fixed sound “shoals”, the trigger sale of fixed bales. Added to the map, in addition to the field missions with piglets and calves, additional village, meat packing plant, one excavator, loading gravel. There BGA (Soviet), changed the silage pit. Added lighting, even in trains. For wool added mod: WoolPaletteCollector.

Author: VVPutin


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