Little Back Valley v 1.0 Forest Edition

Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-1 Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-2 Little-Valley-Pack-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-3

– On the beautifully landscaped you have much to do, in addition to the generous applied fields
– In addition, the map is slightly hilly, a village on the lake, especially a completely redesigned PDA map
– A nursery has recently come to the place where one next to the field work and animal husbandry, also can operate forestry, which can be a small change for farmers
– Beautifully landscaped courtyard, which is next to the nursery
– Large scale cow pasture with Map Silo Bander and Water mod
– Sheep pasture with Wool Collector
– Large scale BGA with parking spaces
– Nursery sawmill and chip power plant in order to let off steam with the ForstMod

Authors: El Cid, Marhu, Raffnix, Blackjack, Katsuo, Börndi


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