Lisgoole Abbey v 1.1


Lisgoole Abbey is a medium size map with small to medium sized fields and a total number of fields of 42 which ranges from hilly ground to flat fields.
Their is two farms on this map,The main farm which is the Dairy and Arable farm, And the second farm which is the sheep farm.
You will start of with medium sized machinery and 1 Wheat field to make some money and invest into better machinery.
Cattle and Sheep can only be got on this map as i dicide not to have any chickens.
Fully Working PDA
At the general merchants you can sell all your crop types which are Wheat, Barley Corn, Rape (OSR), Sugar-beets and Potatoes.
The sheep wool and all bale types (Including Forage Straw) can be also be sold here.
Wheat, Barley, Corn and Rape (OSR) can be also sold at the Brewery.
Seed, Fertilizer and Spray Filling points can be found at the Main farm and at the General Merchants.
Fuel Fill points can be found at the Main farm, at the local Spar Shop and at the General Merchants.

Authors: Chris 7710, Prlek Modding, Sandgroper, Farmer Yip, Giants, NI Modding


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