Lind H30D Forklift v 1.0 MR


Here’s the Linde H30D Forklift Series 331 The following attachments there is a clamp fork and pile bucket from the manufacturer to Kaup. All functions (mast, clamp fork and bottom bucket) can be operated with the mouse.
To the stem side of the slide is permanently installed on the mast you can adjust the tines of the fork clamp. The crates or pallets, etc. are attached with the “X” button.
The function of the pile bucket is explained really well by itself (try here too simple), it can fruit: wheat, rape, maize, barley, potato, sugarbeet, seeds, fertilizer, lime, wood, chip, compost.

Authors: Lindemann, Lechu, Aranea, Fruktor, Upsidedown, BlueSky, Tobi1986


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