Liebherr Crane


The Liebherr crane is fully functional and boasts a vast diversity
Mod needs to be unpacked


Conversion: Mod-for-all
Model original: Gallery
Converted from LS2011: vydka


8 Responses to Liebherr Crane

  1. John Pettersson says:

    Hi I have downloaded the Liebherr Crane for farm simulator 2013 V1.4, when I should buy it in the game so it comes up an error agent relationship.

    No more space.Remove the Purchased items firts
    John Pettersson

  2. jordyhendrikx says:

    its to big for my maps i can’t buy it

  3. asdfghjklq says:

    Does not work

  4. swany says:

    same here it does not work in the farm shop need more space but the farm shop is emty

  5. pilot2478 says:

    it does not even work on maps with bigger shops, why??????

  6. Phil .T says:

    Im having the same problem,i started a new map ,deleted all the “owned equipment” and still it wont work,Big shame as it looks a great toy to have a play with.Hope a fix comes out soon 🙂

  7. Phil .T says:

    found this in the txt log if anybody has any ideas :

    Error loadVehicle: unknown type ‘Liebherr_Kran.Autokran_Kato_KA_1300SL_V3’ in ‘/Users/philthompson/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/Liebherr_Kran/Autokran Kato KA 1300SL.dss’

  8. steven says:

    Would someone convert this mod to 2015? I would love to use this in the new Farming simulator.

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