Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 – Update 1.4


Animation problems Arcusin AutostackFS63-72 Fixed (1.4)
A station can not simultaneously sell more Big Demands for the same fruit have (1.4)
The helper problem with asymmetrical cutting units has been fixed (1.4)
Client in multiplayer now see the mission objective (1.4)
Problems with the unloading of the particle system Krone Emsland and Kröger HKD Fixed (1.4)
Marker arms of Horsch Sprinter now works (1.4)
Rotation of the steering wheel and cracked handlebars is now displayed correctly in multiplayer (1.4)
Problems filling a feed mixer fixed with a shovel (1.4)
The Befüllpartikelsystem of Kuhn SPV Confort 12 stops now when the car is full (1.4)
Calculation of the price to unload at the BGA has been fixed (1.4)
Speed ​​warning when Grimme SE 75-55 and the wrath Rootster 604 was corrected (1.4)
Irregularities in the growth rate of the fields was fixed (1.4)
The Bergmann Shuttle could not be unloaded at the cow pasture (1.4)
Amazone D9 was dug not far enough (1.4)
Trucks were not partially closed, and could not then be tilted (1.4)
Problems with the animation of the Grimme Maxtron Fixed (1.4)
At full level of aid has not unfolded the transfer belt of the Grimme Maxtron (1.4)
Problems of special offers have been fixed (1.4)
Problems with the Direktsaatdrillen Fixed (1.4)
Conflict when multiple mouse-controlled devices are attached Fixed (1.4)
Problems with Maussteerung in Amazone UX5200 and the Amazone Pantera were fixed (1.4)
The eggs, wool, milk, and the productivity of the animals are properly synchronized in multiplayer (1.4)
The levels of animals are no longer limited to the client at 65535 (1.4)
Multiplayer client did not sown grass (1.4)
The button “select all mods” has partially not working (1.4)
The detaching implements was not in multiplayer partially transmitted correctly (1.4)
If you sold a vehicle with an active helper, the helper slot was not released (1.4)
When activating the helper were some devices folded (1.4)
Some invisible collisions on the map have been removed (1.4)
Fault of the animation of the Grimme Maxtron 620 and Grimme Tectron solved 415 (1.3)
Problem with the collapse of devices when loading a savegame Fixed (1.3)
Several graphical issues have been fixed Füllplanen of (1.3)
The display of speed and distance traveled in the English version has been fixed (1.3)
A problem with selling one vehicle directly from the Manufacturer Fixed (1.3)
Problems with the hoses of different devices have been fixed (1.3)
Problem with barley straw bales with Kuhn Primor 3570 was fixed (1.3)
Incorrect message when unloading straw and fodder for the cow pasture was fixed (1.3)
Several typographical errors have been corrected (1.3)
Additional income of placeable objects when loading a savegame Fixed (1.3)
Problem with the selective reset Mod vehicles Fixed (1.3)
Lack of braking force of some equipment has been added (1.3)
Problems with cylinders between physical objects have been fixed (1.3)
Problems with the field auctions in multiplayer Fixed (1.3)
Problem with marker arms for devices that can not be let down has been fixed (1.3)
Misplaced tree collisions were corrected (1.3)
Filling the feeders is now saved (1.3)

New features:
The possibility for mod equipment was set their own PTO added (1.4)
Disable new option for mod maps for the automatic sale of milk (1.4)
The possibility of using the bucket to fill silage was added into the feeding trough (1.4)
The possibility with the shovel manure was to fill in the dunghill added (1.4)
Leveling has been added to the front-end loaders (1.4)

The automatic alignment of a forage harvester Abladerohrs now prefers an attached trailer (1.4)
The handling of the tractor when working with Kuhn mower was improved (1.4)
The possibility of a trailer is to be appended to the Lizard Ball Pendant added (1.4)
Multiplayer clients now see the rape of the table headers (1.4)
Jerking of the first-person view in multiplayer clients was reduced (1.4)
After loading a savegame the equipment is not always lowered (1.4)
The time to the helpers Drescher continue working after they were partially discharged was increased (1.4)
The helper of the Grimme Tectron 415 now waits with continuing work Solage a trailer nearby is (1.4)
Particle system for straw was added to the SPV and the Kuhn Kuhn Profiles 1880 (1.4)
Rotation of the PTO has been disabled for Pöttinger Mex 6 and Eurohit 130A and Kuhn GA4521GM, GA8521 and GF17002 (1.4)
Remove drill now straw when grass is sown (1.4)
Bucking / movement of the drawbar of the Lizard Ball Wagon when hanging was fixed (1.4)
When Horsch Pronto and Sprinter was the sound of the fan added (1.4)
Collision detection of Amazon Condor was improved (1.4)
Height of the unloading Grimme Maxtron 620 was raised and the warning in the shop has been removed (1.4)
Position of Hofsilo Abladepunktes improved (1.4)
Vehicle camera collision detection has been improved so that the camera is less penetrates the bottom (1.4)
Animation problems with Lemken Juwel 8 Fixed (1.4)
Problem with simultaneous rotating and folding the Lemken Juwel 8 and 6:50 Pöttinger Servo Fixed (1.4)
Height of Spielerk

Author: Giants

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