Laforge Front Blade


Laforge is a French company dedicated to produce high quality implements and tractor accesoires

Standard features ensures reliable performance:
– The 12 mm steel moldboard and the reinforcing profile across the lower part delivers a blade with exceptional resistence against pushing load, even with high horsepower tractors.
– The right / left angle adjustment up to 29 (with 1 or 2 cylinders depending on the blade width) allows ease and accurate control of material flow.
– The compact design reduces overhang and results in great clearance in “up” position.
– Parking stands ensure the stability of the blade when unhooked and ease hook-up.
– The replaceable cutting edge is made from high tensile steel. It mounts flush with the surface of the moldboard for a cleaner material flow.

An exclusive design:
– Our customers have asked for silage blades with maximum vertical clearance and minimal overhang. To meet this demand we now introduce the exclusive two-stage silage blade.
– This unique design enables an unequalled approach angle which ensures the most efficient operation in the silage pit.
– Moldboard specifications are identical to the angle blades. The two-stage mechanism is operated by one double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Authors: Sotillo, XTRMZ


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