Krone Multi Windrow Pack v 1.0


In Pack includes:
– Krone Big Pack 1290 Square Baler
– Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler
– Krone ZX 550 GD Dual Purpose Forage Trailer

Added Wheel Particle script and edited the XML so implements will accept the following windrows and how they’re treated:
– Grass_windrow (grass)
– DryGrass_windrow (grass)
– Alfalfa_windrow (grass)
– Clover_windrow (straw)
– Wheat_windrow (straw)
– Barley_windrow (straw)
– Hemp_windrow (straw)
– Oat_windrow (straw)
– Rye_windrow (straw)
– Millet_windrow (straw)
– Sorghum_windrow (straw)
– Triticale_windrow (straw)
– Dinkel_windrow (straw)
– Cotton_windrow (straw)
– Corn_windrow (straw)
– Maize_windrow (straw)
– Soybean_windrow (straw)
– Sudangrass_windrow (straw)
– BlackeyePea_windrow (straw)
– Pea_windrow (straw)
– Rice_windrow (straw)
– Green wheat_windrow (straw)
– Sunflower_windrow (straw)
– Mohn_windrow (straw)
– Rape_windrow (straw)
– Chaff (Loader Wagon Only)

Authors: Giants, RealDairyFarmer


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