Krone BigX 1100 Beast Pack v 1.0


Content Pack:
– Krone BigX 1100 Beast
– Krone ÜLW 3 axle dolly prototype
– Krone Easy Flow pickup
– Krone Easy Collect corn gebiss
– Krone XDisc cutter for grass and cereal
– Noname header trailer

– Lighting work
– Indoor Sound
– Power detention PTO
– Hectare meters
– Odometer
– Gas limiter
– Wheel button
– ÜLW trailer lift axle
– Laser cutting corn Start Assist
– On Screen Display Duals
– On Screen Display key chains
– Rear weight
– Green Star Start Assist cabin
– Steer car steering wheel lock
– New texture BigX
– Washable
– Pickup Adapter for more distance from the chains
– New XDisc and header trailer
– IC and Camera
– Purchasable chains
– Purchasable Duals

Author: Bullgore


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