Kröger SRB 35 v 1.0 Siga Uno Siga Duo


Changed at Kroger SRB 35:
– Washable
– Change texture
– Bel V 3.1 (warning / indicator / reverse light / side lights)
– New wheels
– New fruit
– Features
– Cover (key numblock 5)
– Capacity: 61,000 liters

Can be loaded: wheat, barley, rape, corn, potatoes, beet, grass, straw, silage, chopped, concentrates, crap

Changed at Siga Uno And Siga Duo:
– Washable
– Refreshed texture
– Bel V 3.1
– New scooter
– Features

Authors: [FSM]Chefkoch, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, agrotron 155


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