Kreis Unna Map v 1.2

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The Unna district located in the center of North Rhine Westphalia in Arnsberg. Farm and its surroundings are Originated from free imagination.
The farm located on the map is modernly furnished and accommodates good modern agricultural machinery with which you can meet the requirements to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 27 Large to medium sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, cow pasture, sheep pasture, pasture chickens and cattle and pig sty complete this farm.
With an additional 10 greenhouses where tomatoes and lettuce grows, more revenue for the company funds are guaranteed. But only if there is enough water for the flourish of these plants in the tanks is present. The equipment for the plant breeding department are housed on site in a tool shed. A small water fountain is also available.

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