Kotte Garant Profi VQ 32000 v 1.3


Four axle chassis:
All axles steer when driving and maneuvering. The chassis has a tremendous road holding. All wheels are individually sprung. Just looking from the side view while driving.

MSS (Multi Steering System, crab):
The barrel can either be swung gently in the soil-conserving crab to the left or right. The aim of this is as low as possible and evenly distribute soil compaction and not festzuwalzen with the heavy barrel a narrow track. Requires some practice driving, but combines well with GPS 2.0 use.

32000 liters of load capacity:
The barrel can be moved on the road accordance with traffic regulations only when empty. Ideal for use with a feeder and / or field border container.

Charge acceleration:The loading of the barrel coupled to the pump as well as the time. If, during charging, the time factor high, x5, x15 or more, also increases the speed accordingly when refueling the manure. The fill rate is also dependent on the setting of the pump.

30 meter working width:
Each arm has Ausbringe 15m working width. The complete work area is lowered so that all drag hoses can be incorporated into the soil.

Of lowering the spray boom:
Trailing hose for introducing the nozzle into the ground.

Spray dispenser:
The Liquid manure can also be run as a normal spray dispenser.

The barrel has been given a complete dirty skin. Already after 1 hour working on the field, it is ready for the next wash.

Application rates display:
The display shows the current application rate in m³ / ha Different pump powers, as well as changing the working width by selecting the Ausbringmethode (lag distribution, spray dispenser,) or tilting the crab are considered.
The m³ / ha as a separate HUD is visible when you open the barrel in the window.

Slurry level:
The Kotte slurry tanker is a lightweight aluminum with a two-chamber system. Therefore, the barrel is also equipped with two liquid manure level.

VX186-520 pump:
Each barrel of Kotte is configured individually on this VX186-520 is a rotary pump with DuoShift Vogelsang installed. The DuoShift concept allows to use part of pumping the slurry tank to mix it up, but then also to use the full pump volume as filling gas in the state.

PTO switch / Duo Shift umschaltung:
Both are switchable between the DuoShift “circulation / distribution” and “Maximum / sucking”, as well as the PTO from 1000 to 540E. This should find a reasonable setting for the engine-speed-dependent pump for each tractor. With the application rate display can directly control whether the settings give the desired application rate is approximately.

Charge acceleration:
The filling also runs the 520-VX186, with all the settings discussed. How to fill a barrel now takes time if it goes very quickly – a few minutes. But since the whole thing is a game and not everyone wants to wait so long, filling calculates the time-scaling with a. If, during charging, the time factor high, x5, x15 or more, also increases the speed accordingly when refueling the manure. In this way, everyone can play like him, it is most like.

The pump is connected to the motor drive shaft and accordingly, the pump power is a function of speed. Since the vehicle speed is also a function of speed is obtained as an approximately constant surface power.
The PTO is animated speed dependent. In addition, the sound of the pump comprises an audible response speed.

The filler is fully articulated and comes only when filling the docking station or the field binder used. Support hud images, and drive-distance display for Füllmanschette and facilitate filling. The filler is operated by the telescopic loader control.

Tire tracks:
If you drive over or out of a box, the barrel leaves tire tracks.

Tire dust:
The barrel produced tire dust

Have been installed several new sounds.

Reversing camera:
A camera mounted on the rear slurry tank, provides the farmer with the control they need during application and reverse.
The camera moves with the lowered boom sprayers.


Modell: Bayerbua
Animation: Bayerbua
Lightung v 3.1.1: Sven777b
crabSteer Trailer: upsidedown
Driving Particle System: Manuel Leithner
Filler Arm: upsidedown
GP sound: upsidedown
Implement Links: Manuel Leithner, PeterJ
MM Rear Cam: MMAgrarService, upsidedown
Sprayer Application Rate: upsidedown
Toggle Animated Parts: Sven777b


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