Kinze 1050 Grain Trailers Pack v 1.0


Capacity, performance, and rugged design are the hallmarks of engineering masterpieces, and the Kinze 1050 is exactly one of these. Available with either rowcrop or flotation tires or optional tracks, the Kinze 1050 is big enough to get the job done, no matter how big your harvest. In this market, efficiency is the name of the game, and with more capacity per load, the Kinze 1050 allows your grain cart drivers to make fewer trips from the field to the road, thus reducing overall fuel consumption and money out of your pocket.

In Pack includes:
– Kinze 1050 Sof Trac Wheel Grain Trailer
– Kinze 1050 Floatation Wheel Grain Trailer
– Kinze 1050 Row Crop Wheel Grain Trailer

– Lighting
– Tracks, Row crop Tires and Flotation Tires
– Realistic Weight and Handling
– Multi fruit Compatible
– Animated Tarp and Discharge Pipe
– AO Texturing
– Proper Scaling
– Working Pipe Light, Brake Lights and Blinkers
– Satis Updated Overloader Script
– Capacity: 38700 l
– Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, oat, soybean, corn

Authors: Rafael Zanella, Julian 11, Sivy, XTRMZ, Dancanman, Seriousmods, Discoade, Rocketman, TessFarms


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