Kernstadt v 2.52 Forest Edition

Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-1 Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-2 Kernstadt-v-2.52-Forest-Edition-3

– Some fields are planted and ready for harvest
– Standard, spelled, oats, rye, millet, sunflower, onions and carrots are installed
– Pig, cattle fattening, Wassermod, Woolpalettecollector, Purchasable items and much more
– 3 New outlets: Industrial complex, horse farm, slaughterhouse, Forest Enterprise, Station-sale
– New BGA with a capacity of each 480000 l per silo
– Second small courtyard
– Two forest areas
– Drivable dealers with repair option when using the schadenmod

Authors: PaPa, Alex2009


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