Kelvin Cave Sila Pactor v 1.0


The Kelvin Cave SilaPactor is the latest product from Kelvin Cave Ltd to help farmers and contractors improve clamp silage quality. The SilaPactor, at 3m
wide and weighing 4,000kg with 12 individual roller rings, can increase dry matter compaction density by up to 40% when compared to conventional tractor
rolling. This increases the forage value retained and means less time and fuel needed to compact a clamp.
The innovative SilaPactor complements the Kelvin Cave range by improving dry matter retention and aerobic stability at feed out. Farmers in the UK are
currently achieving a typical silage density of 180kg of dry matter per cubic metre, whereas their counterparts in some European countries are achieving
densities of up to 320kg of dry matter per cubic metre by using this equipment.
These compaction improvements, which result in higher nutrient retention, better fermentation and utilisation of clamp space and lower fuel consumption, can
produce a considerable saving in overall feed costs.
Mod weight has been reduced in-game to suit tractors, silo compaction scale has been increased to compensate.

Author: Milpol


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