Karszew v 6.0

Karszew-v-6.0-1 Karszew-v-6.0-2 Karszew-v-6.0-3

– One multifunctional, meticulous farm with chickens, sheep, cows and pigs
– Farm neighbor and static one only a function of the game, or storage of straw, grass and hay in the barn
– One buying everything, including wool and pigs
– Accessories: mod lime, manure mod, mod watering cows, gates and gate at the O feed mixer, a super silo trigger
– Animations : arrival of wheat and oilseed rape in the barn, beets and potatoes in heaps beside the corral, straw shredder animation cows and pigs, selecting manure from sheds
– Feed mixer was placed in the barn, reduced or turned off certain parts and replaced
– Pigs placed in a small barn

Author: marianekelo


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