Joskin 2 and 3 axles Trailers v 1.0


Mod concist of:
– Joskin Transpace 7000.23 2 axles Trailer
Capacity 26968 liter
– Joskin Transpace 8000.27 3 axles Trailer
Capacity 40217 liter

Trailers features:
– New tires including rims
– Turn signals, brake lights and rear lights may Fahl he has now
– RUL remains with the off or disconnect at
– Tire dust on the field and field paths
– Washable
– Potatoes and sugar beet added with customized Particlesystems
– Schema created
– Plan was also adjusted so that they do not rise too high
– New Particle unloading
– Independent suspension fitted
– PTO is also combined with a standard tractor
– Chock added
– Support foot animated with moving Colli
– New tail lights
– Axles installed
– New Features
– Added New fruit: silage, rye, oats, sunflower, grass, barley and wheat straw

Authors: LS-Landtechnik, Ifkonator, corad60, agrotron155


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