John Deere R 2014 Series Pack

John-Deere-R-Series-Pack-1 John-Deere-R-Series-Pack-2

In Pack included:
– John Deere 7230R 2014 with H480 frontloader
– John Deere 7310R 2014
– John Deere 8370R 2014

– Washable
– Interactive Control
– Indoor Sound
– Animated Parts
– Real Size

Author: AGO-Modding


4 Responses to John Deere R 2014 Series Pack

  1. florian grummel says:

    hallo ich wollte mal fragen ob dieser modpack auch bald für ls15 geben wird 🙂 Mfg

  2. Greg Arnold says:

    How do you get the handbrake off?

  3. Greg Arnold says:

    (Y button) thought I pressed everything but missed that.

    Nice mod though.

  4. frezataaa says:


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