John Deere 9950 Cotton Combine v 1.2


John Deere 9950 Cotton Combine with:
– John Deere 4 Row Cotton Cutter
– John Deere 8 Row Cotton Cutter

Version 1.2:
– Fixed motor code (Speed Level 1 – combine wouldn’t move)
– Reduced Attach Joint Rotation
– Reposition thresher particles on 8 Row Head to match 4 Row (no longer off to the left hand side)
– Made tires slightly bigger to help with the clipping through axle assemble (no longer poking through rim either)
– Added Driving Particles Script
– Added Wheel Particle Script
– Added Dynamic Exhaust Script
– Added Real Exhaust Particle Script
– Altered Motor Sounds

Authors: Chrisp267, iB055, Sven777b


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  1. jose says:

    hola con que mapa puedo jugar con este mods
    donde se pueda sembrar algodon

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