John Deere 9560R v 1.0


– Working Lights Front, Back, Left, Right
– Blinker
– Cabin light
– To increase or decrease the engine speed in stand
– Screen Display Duals
– Retractable sun shade
– Wipers manually switched
– Steering column folding
– Full animated (hydraulic steering, damping cylinder door and rear window)
– Selectable weights
– Realistic Indoor Cam
– Speed ​​and RPM display
– Wheel particle

Authors: MrFox, Zolee11, TT-Modding, Balogh2003, JohnDeere6920, Giants, vasilis, pfreek, schlueterfan1977, BBM, modelleicher, AGO, donkey, ven777b, Tobias F, fruktor, Templaer, Mythos, Timber131


3 Responses to John Deere 9560R v 1.0

  1. Rasmus C. says:

    Hey. This mods are super, really great credit to you all.
    And I have a small request for the next version. Both starting up and switch-off is great, it would be nice if you changed the engine sound when you drive. It is not to stick out.

  2. RasmusC. says:

    Hey. This is a super mods, high praise to all of you who helped to make it.
    However, I have a small wish for the next version. The engine sound when you drive. It is not to stick out. The screws I’m always down for the speakers. Which is a shame for a great mods.

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