John Deere 1910 1890 Air Seeder v 1.0

John Deere 1910 1890 Air Seeder v 1.0

This is one of our latest work, has been completely renewed the textures with Ambient occlusion, and a new set of decals.
This is the v 1.0 that a correction of some bugs like game crash when exit and when you sell the seedr , now this mod work well. Have only one inconvenient that is impossible to get work in mp, but for sp players are a good mod with real filling

– Front tank: 4230 l
– Rear Tank: 5280 l
– Total: 9510 l
– Crops: wheat barley rape fertilizer

Authors: Knagsted, upsidedown, Julian11, XTRMZ, Big Boss Modding


3 Responses to John Deere 1910 1890 Air Seeder v 1.0

  1. Piotr says:

    Nice mod but will be even better if someone can explain to me how to fill up with seed. I can fill with fertilizer but a seeder with no seed is a joke 🙁

  2. KNIGHTFOX says:

    Fill the seeder with harvested grain in a trailer, open the tanks and turn on the auger (and maybe the air also) To get to work in multiplayer just edit the modDesc.xml and change the *multiplayer supported* line from false to true on both the airseeder and aircart

  3. Piotr says:

    Thx for your reply, works good

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