Iron Horse Farm Gold Edition

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Iron Horse Farm from the late 18th century to modern day has not changed a lot.
Still a working farm with an excellent area for farming.
There are outstanding views from The ramparts or walls of the Iron Age hill fort and you will discover a living carpet of flowers in a spectacular location.
For those times when you are perhaps seeking a moment of tranquillity and connecting with the environment just seems to work on bluebell island.
Iron Horse Farmland: 21 Fields and grassland, 1 very old farm, sheep, cows, beef and chickens and a Dealership.
Special features: old fully working animated silo’s, animated door triggers on Barn doors, Water Mod, Beef Mod, animated mt alligator BGA.

Authors: Csmc, OBE modding, Mourice, Katsuo, MrFox, martinbigM500, Luculus, Raptor5, Chief86, Marhu, duarn, sandgroper, WKubota, FarmerYip, Typho0n, KundSModding


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