Imagion Land II v 2.0


New world, inspired by imagination. Find yourself in a enviroment full with new challanges
There are all the feautures of original Landwirtschafts Simulator with many newly added tasks
Loging: Make money of forest. There are logs chopped and prepared to be transported to a sawmill, which is located in near by town. Find them in woods just above the farm
Manure handling: Manure appears in the barn where it can be loaded with shovel and dumped into manure pit
In Imagion Land II package you can find Imagion Land II map and Imagion Land II PLUS addon. PLUS has many new feautures
Loging trailer with lockdown script, tractor for logs unloading, floodlights, weight and logs
Whole package is fully multiplayer tested

Authors: kirezagar, ZG Team


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  1. Nigel670 says:

    This is a nice map but where do you sell the logs

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