IHC 844 SA v 3.2


– Realler exhaust smoke
– Left turn signal
– Right indicator
– Hazard lights
– Flashing lights (also on IC Control)
– Working light at the front (also on IC Control)
– Rear work light (also on IC Control)
– Animated speed display
– Animated temperature display
– Animated fuel gauge
– Pendulum axis
– Real speed of 32 km / h
– Animated windscreen (on IC Control)
– Animated window (via Control IC)
– Animated side windows (on IC Control)
– Animated skylight (on IC Control)
– Animated doors (on IC Control)
– Animated propshaft
– Animated drive shafts on the front axle
– Real mirror faded
– Infohud handers
– Flashing after followers number in the dashboard
– Washable
– Kock & Sohn Duals can be grown
– Plow Mod
– Hand brake
– Tire dust

Author: Kreters-Island


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