Holzhausen Forestry Agriculture v 1.2

Holzhausen-Forestry-Agriculture-v-1.2-1 Holzhausen-Forestry-Agriculture-v-1.2-2 Holzhausen-Forestry-Agriculture-v-1.2-3

– 2 Sectors: agriculture and forestry
– Main courtyard with machine shops, grain warehouses, dairy cattle, silage clamps
– Depot for the forestry technology
– Sawmill
– Many outlets for cereals, root crops, eggs
– Approx 115 ha of arable and meadow area, 20 ha forest land for forestry
– 3 forest land for forestry work
– Biogas plant
– Village with a Edeka and the dealer
– Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
– Cows, chickens
– New sky textures. These are loaded with the map and replaced the original
– Without Wither
– Several small Easter eggs, which are to be discovered
– Forstmod ready
– Many purchasable items
– Watermod
– Map Super Silo Trigger
– Slurry manure and Kalk mod
– Bunker silo Hud compatible
– If there is continuous rain caused puddles, the water level rises in the pond and in the drainage channels
– Lighting in halls and shelters on and off
– Alternatively Tipping ready
– Map Door Trigger
– Past rides Green manure Mod
– Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugarbeet, clover, alfalfa

New in 1.2 version:
– Added Chopper Straw
– Added soil Mod,
– Adapted Foliage textures,
– Growth stages reduced (Soil Mod playability)
– Herbicide Mod completely removed

Authors: Giants, Niggels, Eifok, Eribus, Vertexdezign (Katsuo, Vanilleeis, John Deere 6930, Xentro), BM-Modding, rafftnix, fruktor, Bluebaby210, Destperados93, JauchenPaule and others


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