HLF 2000 Ziegler v 2.0


This is now the correct functioning with V2 DL, promised
This version is the red light with warning pasting the tail, followed by a 2nd version, it is dark red and has no stern warning pasting.

– Shutter open / closed
– Generators extended one
– ALL retractable running boards on


StorePic / Storebrand: Case_IH_MxU135
Cab: Case_IH_MxU135
Construction: KIAS
Wheels: Unknown
In-game adjustments,: Case_IH_MxU135
Scripts: Sven777b / Headshot XXL & Gorli / J112J / Skullman / MySQly


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  1. Gaunt596 says:

    How do you open the doors and pull the generator out? i cant find they keys….

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