Hagenstedt v 2.0 Multifruit with BGA Scale


Update v 2.0:
– Renewed barley and wheat swath (had caught the wrong dds files)
– Food storage unloading with movable Plan
– Manure silos exchanged for pigs and cows
– Replaced manure bunker in pigs and cows
– New built BGA and BGA balance with function
– Garages with doors fitted to insinuate your vehicles (the old garages pretty Giants no goals away)
– Potato and beet unloading added (also with movable covers)
– Garden center selling station added (with movable cover for grass, manure and manure silo also moved the tarp)
– Silage silo exchanged in the cow pasture
– Food storage for each variety has a conveyor belt
– Pig and cow manure bunkers have also got a conveyor belt

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