Hagenstedt Modified 2013 v 3.2.6


New in 3.2.6 version:
– Fendt SWW Spawn issue fixed stacker
– BGA fixed blade discharge
– Receives all the BGA now discharged with shovel
– 2 traffic lights away in the village of
– Fixed Country Trade Zone 40
– Wheel Lanes reworked due Saatzer trouble
– Discharge at the BGA is now paid and silage and chopped
– Extended grass growing season
– Vehicles with 4 wheel steering can also be moved without AWD now
– In field 11 field boundaries fixed ( 10 possession error field )
– Train station – entrance speed changed
– Created NavMesh the new sheep
– Vehicles require regular oil changes
– Oil palettes are included , oil change in workshop possible
– Vehicle Pack Classic Pack and now with DustWheels equipped
– Car wash the farm set up for hand washing

Authors: Giants, TMT-Team, Marhu, skydancer, Bummi-Brum, lecra, Ifko[nator], Der_Nik, BigM, BlueBaby210, Richi-3, Kolbenfresser, frisco0177, Ganelcer, THP1985, mailman, Marc85, GE-Mapping, Feldhamster232, iacappo1977, KundSModding, honclik, Treckkerbodo, Manu1993Profi, Enercon, zefir_poland, martinbigm500, ClaasHof, ls-ecofarming, mote454, Thuruk, wellano920, burner, sewi123, uploader123, MX11, blackburner, SFM-Modding, Modelleicher, FSM-Team, Sandgroper, Schwacki, EasterEgg


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