Hagenstedt Modified 2013 v 3.2.2


New in 3.2.2 version:
– Helper consume at fertilization fertilizer now
– Fertilization in the helper mode is switched off when no fertilizer is loaded
– Inserted Fill warning of fertilization in the warning display
– Field edge detection works correctly in MP mode
– Job performance (hectare meter) now works correctly in MP mode
– Grass set lower
– Can now XDisc the new cereal chaff (rye, spelled, oats, millet)
– Reduced diesel consumption of vehicles by 28.5%
– Introduced lowest price phases
– Kroger SRB35 repaired
– Installed configuration file for manual settings option (the mods folder is created)
– Some static light sources (only at night) installed, some new models
– Improved network traffic in multiplayer
– HUD displays are now correctly synchronized
– Installed support the MapHoseRef station
– Installed 18 meters scale
– Realigned Country Trade charging station
– Can now correctly buy goods at the loading station in MP mode
– Warning repaired at low level for diesel Drescher
– Placed New billboards
– Manual shutter doors / gates / doors are now open ONLY on foot
– Improved response time of the scheduled rolling gates / barriers

Authors: Giants, TMT-Team, Marhu, skydancer, Bummi-Brum, lecra, Ifko[nator], Der_Nik, BigM, BlueBaby210, Richi-3, Kolbenfresser, frisco0177, Ganelcer, THP1985, mailman, Marc85, GE-Mapping, Feldhamster232, iacappo1977, KundSModding, honclik, Treckkerbodo, Manu1993Profi, Enercon, zefir_poland, martinbigm500, ClaasHof, ls-ecofarming, mote454, Thuruk, wellano920, burner, sewi123, uploader123, MX11, blackburner, SFM-Modding, Modelleicher, FSM-Team, Sandgroper, Schwacki, EasterEgg


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