Hagencity v 1.0


5 species , all purchasable , chickens, cows , cattle, sheep and pigs.
Cattle and pigs have to buy it, then feed the cows, then cattle and pigs are produced, which can then bring your truck with a cattle to the slaughter. The more cattle or pigs you buy, the more manure and slurry is produced. On sale at the garden center.

Installed in the Map:
– Food storage
– Mixing Station
– Map Silo Band
– Water Mod / Marhu
– Wool pallets collector
– Pig
– Cattle fattening
– Digital Scales ( BGA + yard) with statistics
– Barrier
– Marsh Plan
– Field Textures
– Textures Pack Forgotten Plants
– Machinery Hall
– Manure Storage
– Spelled, millet and rye Texture
– Digital fill level display
– Spelled, millet, rye, sunflower silo
– Washing machine with function
– Slurry, manure mod
– Silage silo
– Ball Hall with crane

Authors: Giants, frisco0177, Eribus, GE-Mapping, GCG Modding, Marhu, Ls-2013Modding, Movie Profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG, skydancer, Vertex Dezign, ZeFir, Hewaaa, Big-M-Lord, Stonebracker, TMT-Team, HatzFa, Alex2009


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