Grazyland MultiFruit v 1.5


– There are on the farm chickens, cows, sheep and pigs
– Additional fruits : spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots and onions
– Soil textures, crop textures, pigmast, Water Mod v 3.0, car wash, overhead crane, costum Info Trigger, wool pallets collectors, slurry / manure mod, mixing station, food storage, MapSiloBand, manure storage , chopped stock and of course storage facilities for fruits of the earth and all cereals
– In all camps conveyor belts have been added
– 5 Digital Scales installed
– Digital level indicators for all the varieties there are so on the farm
– Your pig slurry and manure produced depending on how much pork you ‘re buying
– The milk truck is always on time, but you can leave even the milk also
– CCTV for milk and wool production
– Walk-in chicken coop, the chickens lay their eggs in it
– Corn Exchange and potato / beet warehouse with roller doors and various storage facilities with movable gates
– There was a lot of work on the ground. The landscaper was to swing again. But you convinced yourself
– Launch vehicles were adjusted
– The wither is Disabled
– In the new bales hall you can unload and stash the bales by crane
– With the followers you can upload what’s on the map, except liquids and seed / fertilizer everything
– Included in the map : FahrM66 multi, multi RTS 7545 , Emsland multi, multi HKD302 , multi Krampe900
– The vehicles have some extras of exhaust smoke, throttle limiter, real lights, DrivingParticle , Washable and so on
– The two have Drescher treshing counter and Strawspec mod installed, sodas You can share your straw and chaff same way and see how much you’ve already harvested

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  1. pablo says:

    I,v been playing your up-to-date map of grazyland and I think its the best map I,v play so far. (and I,v played a lot of 2013 maps. but as iv a farmer by trade I think if it would be possible to put some more root veg in like red and white cabbage then you would have a map to be proud of. keep up the good work love your map. (Pablo)uk

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