Gorzkowa Map v 4.0

Gorzkowa-Map-v-4.0-1 Gorzkowa-Map-v-4.0-2 Gorzkowa-Map-v-4.0-3

New in 4.0 version:
– Now with Forstmod, Chopped Straw and Weed Mod
– Biogas plant was converted and enlarged
– Pig has moved and has been enlarged,
– Purchasable fields have been added
– Installed lime and manure mod
– Cattle dealer has remained
– Purchasable lime and seed
– Railway line built with fully functional barriers
– New Foliage and terrain textures
– Rotting is off

Authors: TLS Modding, Tommi-1, TMT Modding, Marhu, BigBens, ElCid, Bassaddict, Ufo, Zefir, V8Bolle, Rainer, Moppel, AndiScania


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