Golden Map 4 v 1.0


– Water mod
– Manure mod (sell – stock silo )
– PDA fix
– Wool Palette Collector
– Misch Station
– Map Silo Band
– Map Silo Band 2
– Aqua Tank
– Brewry
– Sugar refinery
– Pigs breeding
– Cattle breeding
– Sell beff & pig station
– Loding ramp for cow silage
– 3 shortcuts
– Food Storage with 9 heaps: (Chaff, Forage, Silage, Manure, Grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow, Wheat_windrow, Barley_windrow, forage_mixing)
– 4 Greenhouse
– 1 Solar Collector
– 1 Wind Turbine
– Unlock all fields
– Many fields seeded
– Add bale destroy & sell windrow in garden centre
– script Mixer Wagon Bale Grab
– script kuhn Primor Bale Grab
– script Buy Many Animals
– Withering plants has been disabled
– Update Golden4 modDesc

Authors: Giants, Dajoun Tunisia, Ls-2013Modding, Marhu, skydancer


One Response to Golden Map 4 v 1.0

  1. ian talmey says:

    nice map shame that i have found a few problems two in fact
    1st one field by golf course no36 there is a hut floating just off the ground on that field and field no41 there is a large rock sat on the field
    not tryed the feeds as of yet all the other maps i have tryed dont work for me ? hope you can sort those small things out soon
    thanks for building map

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