GB Farmsilos WB Pack v 1.0


4x grain silos with 4 types of fruit:
– Farmsilos1: wheat, barley, rape, maize
– Farmsilos2: spelt, oat, millet, rye
– Farmsilos3: cotton, green wheat, soybean, sunflower
– Farmsilos4: pea, hop, poppy, triticale

The fruit plates have an illumination of 21 AM – 05:30 PM. They are therefore not well suited to “real light” and for weaker computers
No shocks such as under the street lights and flood lights
New modern textures
4x and png’s included for quick info of fruit varieties in the RAR file
For installation with the GIANTS_Editor 5.0.1

Authors: GIANTS, Weltbauer


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